Investment in New Hot Forming and Hot Rolling Company in China

February 7, 2014

Our group will invest in a new company for hot forming and hot rolling, which is to be established in China by Kotani Corporation (located in Kasai City in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan).

Our aim is to expand business in the car parts market in China, which is expected to show continued growth in the future.

1 Name Kotani (Zhangjiagang) Precision Forging Co., Ltd.
2 Location Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu, People’s Republic of China
3 Business purpose Manufacture of car parts and manufacture of bearing parts
4 Capital Amount equivalent to 1.5 billion Japanese yen
Kotani Corporation 86.0%
Okaya & Co., Ltd. 7.0%
Okaya (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 3.5%
OKAYA (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. 3.5%
5 Establishment January 2014
6 Begins operation March 2016 (scheduled)
7 President Hisamichi Inoue (Director of Kotani Corporation)
8 President and CEO Kenji Ohno (Director of Kotani Corporation)
9 Employees 24 (scheduled for 2016)
10 Sales plan FY 2016: JPY 300 million
FY 2017: JPY 1.7 billion
FY 2018: JPY 3 billion

For reference

Kotani Corporation

- Location Kasai City, Hyogo Prefecture
- Representative Masahiro Kotani, President
- Business purpose Manufacture and processing of closed and open die forgings such as mission gear blanks and bearing races for cars
- Capital JPY 300 million
- Establishment June 1974

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