Acquiring the Stock of NISHIFU MEAT CO., LTD. (Making It Our Subsidiary Company)

April 24, 2014

Okaya & Co., Ltd. has decided to acquire the stock of Nishifu Meat Co., Ltd. to make it one of our subsidiary companies.

1 Reason for the stock acquisition
To enhance the overall sales of processed food in our company group
2 Summary of the changing subsidiary
(1) Trade name NISHIFU MEAT CO., LTD.
(2) Representative Naomi Watanabe (President)
(3) Location 10F Asahi Seimei Fuchu Building, 1-14-1 Fuchu-cho, Fuchu City, Tokyo
(4) Established October 1, 1990
(5) Main business purpose Sale of processed chicken meat, etc.
(6) Number of employees 13 employees
(7) Capital JPY 90 million
(8) Recent sales amount JPY 6.0 billion (fiscal year ending September 2012)
JPY 4.9 billion (fiscal year ending September 2013)
3 Acquired from Naomi Watanabe
4 Number of acquired stocks and ratio of stock holding before and after the acquisition
(1) Stock holding before the transfer 133 stocks (10.07%)
(2) Number of acquired stocks 1,171 stocks (86.64%)
(3) Stock holding after the transfer 1,304 stocks (98.71%)
5 Schedule May 2014 (scheduled)
6 Representative after the acquisition
Ryuhou Kitada (President, currently a board member of said company)
7 Future outlook
As the effect of the acquisition on consolidated business performance will be minor, there is no change to our forecast earnings.

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