Support for Japanese Language School in the Republic of India

June 30, 2014

Okaya & Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that our subsidiary company, Okaya & Co. India Pvt. Ltd. (headquarters: New Delhi), is to support a Japanese language school to be opened in New Delhi as part of our social contribution activities in India.

1 Name of the Japanese language course OKAYA Sponsored Japanese Language Course
2 Primary administrator Indo-Japan e-Services
(abbreviation: IJES, New Delhi)
3 Opening July 2014 (scheduled)
4 Support details We will bear the expenses associated with opening and administrating the above-mentioned permanent Japanese language course, as well as offering scholarships to students, in order to support Japanese language education in India. (Total annual amount: approximately JPY 500,000 to JPY 700,000)

For reference

Outline of Okaya & Co. India Pvt. Ltd.

Head office New Delhi
Branch Bangalore Branch
Establishment December 28, 2007
Representative Gen Mitobe
Capital INR 35 million (approx. JPY 60 million)
Annual sales JPY 4.4 billion (fiscal year ending December 2013)
Business purpose Trading

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