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Message from the President

Takehiro Okaya

Tradition and revolution: building the present era and handing it down to the next generation

What we refer to as “history” is made up of an accumulation of present moments. OKAYA & CO., LTD. has been developed during the 350 years of its history, and during this time, our company has taken on the challenges of constantly changing eras. Thus, I believe that our company is the result of the initiatives that we have undertaken, and is the outcome of our unremitting efforts up to this point.

The “now” that we have is the modern era in which we are living, and what is required of us more than anything else at this moment is “corporate social responsibility.” We in the Okaya Group must put forth our utmost effort in this regard. I am therefore proposing that we seek to optimize our corporate activities by reviewing our various relationships, including our relationships with shareholders, business partners, domestic and international local communities, and employees.

In order for the Okaya Group to fulfill its “corporate social responsibility” and make a contribution to society, it is important for us to constantly cultivate and maintain the soundness, flexibility, and creativity of our organization. We have had our sights for many years, and I believe that now for the first time we are in a position to play the role of a “best global sourcing partner” that contributes to manufacturing.

With a view to building the present era and handing down our corporate value to the next generation, we shall create the “now” and forge ahead with a spirit of revolution.


Takehiro Okaya