2017year news

2017year news releases

December 27, 2017News
Subsidiary Acquisition of the Steel Business Owned by Nakamura Kozai Co., Ltd.
December 11, 2017News
Completion of initial prototype “One-Mile Mobility” in a business partnership with Aisan Technology Co., Ltd. and Tier IV, Inc.
November 7, 2017News
Development of a crawler type conveyance support robot "Crawler TO", to assist materials conveyance
September 28, 2017News
Donations for Earthquake Victims in Mexico
August 9, 2017News
Business alliance with Aisan Technology Co., Ltd. and Tier IV, Inc. towards business commercialization of the “One-Mile Mobility”.
July 31, 2017News
Opening ceremony of Nantong Rainbow Hills Cast Iron Co., Ltd.
July 25, 2017News
Development of an autonomous running/gathering cleaning robot “TO gather”
April 13, 2017News
Investment in Peloton Technology, Inc.
March 31, 2017News
Announcement Regarding Integration of Subsidiaries
March 31, 2017News
Opening of Silicon Valley Office, Okaya (U.S.A.), Inc.